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Direct Fats and Oils is proud to be ISCC Certified

Restoring what we already have is a vital step in reducing the demand for natural resources. 


Initial extraction of natural resources and the processing of these resources generates higher energy requirements. Through recycling, landfill space and precious natural resources are saved.


Direct Fats and Oils LTD provides a nationwide collection and recycling service for all forms of used cooking oils and fats, and through fundamental relationships we can increase environmental sustainability. 


Once collected from your business , the oils are delivered to our partners where it undergoes an extreme filtration and cleaning process to remove contaminants. The product is then developed into biofuels which is a renewable, environmentally-friendly fuel that can directly replace conventional petroleum diesel, resulting in substantial reductions in tailpipe emissions, carbon footprint and greenhouse gases.


Do your part for the environment and contact us today.

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